The Ultimate Approach: Synthetic Psyche

The Synthetic Psyche studies the human mental processes behavior, with the aim of replicating them in intelligent software that works independently from the context and the nature of the data.

Synthetic Psyche is an AI algorithms design methodology that is not limited to understand the human brain functions, it rather studies how the human cognitive processes work, with the objective to emulate them. The Synthetic Psyche approach, is much more complex than the classical approach, as it implies a deep knowledge of the human mind functional processes. (where human mind functional processes are referred to as all types of human intelligence such as Linguistic Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Intuition, and so on.


Scientific Board

Our scientific board is composed of eminent scientists who work in multiple areas of scientific research

Prof. Camillo Ricordi
Prof. Camillo Ricordi
Professor and Director of the Diabetes Research Institute and Cell Transplant Center at the University of Miami
Prof. David Della Morte
Prof. David Della Morte
Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

HIO Demo

As Google Duplex, HIO (demo developed using the Syntetich Psyche approach) shows that it is possible to understand the intention of the users from their questions. The application searches for restaurants and is ultimately capable of booking on behalf of its users, independently managing calls to the chosen restaurants.

Listen to some real phone calls now:

HIO – The Ultimate Assistant

Revolutionize online users behaviour by creating a True General Intelligence able to write, talk and think as its user and, more generally, to emulate Human Personality

Development Advancement: another section of the Synthetic Psyche is out!

The General Artificial Intelligence is very close, with today’s release, we have shown how the Synthetic Psyche can sense the intention of the interlocutor and manage unpredictable scenarios during a conversation



The Synthetic Psyche simulates learning processes, logic and human intuition but with superhuman speed. Each notion learned is always subject to successive refutations on an experiential basis



The Synthetic Psyche does not provide for the use of pre-established workflows, but works for objectives. From the tests carried out, the cases in which HIO was able to complete its tasks, almost 100%



During the learning phase no human configuration is needed, neither on the semantic structure, nor on the algorithms, nor on the knowledge structure

Latest Publications

“Anyone can study the functioning of any mechanism by observing its behavior, but only those who try to build an equal one, will be able to grasp its deepest mysteries.”

Watch now Marco Menichelli’s speech at Hawei Connect Europe 2018

Guglielmo Carsana
Guglielmo Carsana
Chief Executive Officer
Giovanni Ciallella
Giovanni Ciallella
Chief Innovation Officer
Marco Menichelli
Marco Menichelli
Chief Technology Officer

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