Thanks to Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Watson, Google Assistant and others, people are more and more used to talking with a voice assistant.
The press, in the recent years, has managed to create many expectations in end users, but these expectations have been disregarded.

The actual voice assistants have several limits:

  • They must be designed for the most part, they do not learn independently and when they do, they do it incorrectly, disregarding the context;
  • They are not intuitive and intelligent, so they do not look smart because do not focus on the need or the reason for a request, they only analyze the syntactic part of the request;
  • Do not manage the actions completely: for each function they perform only some actions independently;
  • They do the actions stupidly, they cannot understand the user’s intent and they do not handle unexpected scenarios;
  • They do not learn languages autonomously (new concepts and terms, even in unknown languages, without these being preconfigured);
  • They don’t learn processes, that is they do not learn autonomously to “do things”. Each process has been preconfigured and developed to work in one way only;
  • They cannot support a real conversation (if not perfectly configured) and they can hardly keep in
    mind the topics of a real conversation.

The final result is that the voice assistants are not effective and therefore cannot reach the right level of empathy with their users.
Despite this, people and companies expect a lot from Artificial Intelligence.

Anyone who can develop a real General Artificial Intelligence could generate a new revolution destined to last over time, and since then the World will never be the same.


HIO it’s the ultimate Intuitive Assistant that learns, writes, speaks, reacts to external stimuli, and thinks as its user, WITHOUT ANY PRECONFIGURATION (LANGUAGE INCLUDED).

HIO’s mission consists in the creation of a True General Intelligence able to emulate our personality creating one or more HIO personality for each connected human.

The knowledge of user in their own contexts in which he / she lives will allow HIO to react independently by responding to email, social networks, searching a destination, points of interest, booking and buying anything (also via voice call), in function of the user’s preferences, appointments, work place, lifestyle etc. and more generally, can manage autonomously all digital activities in the same way as the real user would react.

HIO arises from the awareness that the current approach to the design of the algorithms of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, is not the right one.

Years of research and development on the Synthetic Psyche methodology, also thanks to the results obtained, suggest that we must focus on the simulation of mental processes and not on the functioning of the human brain.

The results obtained with the Syntetic Psyche solve all the problems listed above:

  • HIO is able to handle unexpected scenarios, to leave endless procedures endless perhaps to solve a problem, to resume them later without any premeditation;
  • HIO is able to independently learn languages and contextualize data structures (give it meaning);
  • HIO is able to identify and learns new concept and terms independently from internet;
  • HIO is able to support complex conversations on any context;
  • Thanks to an innovative approach to manage Workflows (that not exists in HIO), HIO would be able to autonomous learn and completely manage any action in place of the user;
  • HIO is able to establish a relationship with its user by simulating Emotional Intelligence;

You do not need technical skills to teach concepts and processes to HIO. Thanks to the internal algorithms and the methodology used, HIO can indipendently learn to write, speak and think as its user, in essence:

  • HIO can learn to be its own user. This is possible because, among other things, HIO is able to identify:
  • Most appropriate language for each communication channel and for each recipient;
  • Conversation context, which is composed of many attributes that HIO acquires and analyzes from all available channels;
  • Initial need;

HIO is the first General Artificial Intelligence in the history that can learns to be its own user in the digital world.