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SyntLife Corp, founded in Delaware (USA) in 2019, incorporates professionals with decades of experience in Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and, thanks to the exceptional scientific and technological results obtained, it is supported by a top-worldwide level Scientific Board.

Our MISSION is to create a new syntetic intelligent life form that is able to assume the perceived personality of its users, in the digital world, in order to replicate their behaviors in function of external stimuli.
The project will have its fulfillment when, in the eyes of an external observer, there will be no difference between a real person and his Avatar.
The Avatar of each user will therefore be a “Mens in Omnibus” capable of representing the human mind beyond matter, capable of progressing exponentially.
If it is true that everything perceived as such is real, then the Avatar will be the user himself in a different state of matter, independent of time and space.
The aim can be pursued by using and implementing HIO, an advanced Artificial Intelligence able to learn, write, speak but, above all, think like its user.
Unlike other Artificial Intelligences developed with the classic method, HIO aims to be a “Synthetic Psyche” and that is an advanced emulator of human cognitive processes, therefore not vertical processes able to perform a single task, but a real intelligence whose logical structure is quite similar to the human one.

Meet Our Team

Guglielmo Carsana
Guglielmo CarsanaCEO
More than 20 years experience in technology and financial companies, with 9 years in building startups
SDA Bocconi MBA
Prof. Camillo Ricordi
Prof. Camillo RicordiHead of the Scientific Board
Professor and Director of the Diabetes Research Institute and Cell Transplant Center at the University of Miami
Marco Menichelli
Marco MenichelliCTO
AI algorithms designer, invented the «DeepSensing» approach and Syntetic Psyche, a new methods to simulate the efficiency of human cognitive processes
Prof. David Della Morte
Prof. David Della MorteMember of the Scientific Board
Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
Giovanni Ciallella
Giovanni CiallellaCIO
Innovator & Investor (Worldwide) Serial Entrepreneur & Startups – Startups – Online Marketing – Product Management – Business Strategy – Mobile Marketing and Billing

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.”


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